Emily’s Top Tips to Getting More Instagram Followers

Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the fabulous women in my network. These trendsetters and tastemakers are ladies with bright futures who wanted to share their advice, tips, and tricks to success with you!


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The fabulous Emily Fedner is a firm believer in the idea that food shouldn’t be boring and I’d have to agree! She loves cooking and says she’s constantly devouring “Eater” and “Thrillist” as she’s scoping out new restaurants to try. Emily has a Russian background and she says that food always brought her whole family together and that’s part of what made her love food from an early age. Check out Emily’s Instagram for colorful, mouth-watering food and pictures of her making food look fun!


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Emily’s advice to aspiring Instagrammers is to follow your passion! Emily says that if you do what you love then success will come. For Emily, her love of food and finding new restaurants has brought her tons of new opportunities! She says that she’s been planning the restaurant stops on family trips since she was a kid and good food has always been something she’s passionate about. Emily encourages others to pursue their hobbies and passion projects because you never know where they might lead! Her account @foodloversdiary actually just came about because her personal account had become all about food and she needed a new outlet for her passion! Since she moved to LA, her account has grown and she’s found tons of amazing restaurants I’m dying to try myself!


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The last thing Emily googled: The last things in my google search history are most likely a few extremely paranoid WebMD searches (I am notorious for this and it is NEVER a good idea, take my word for it) and a series of “best dumplings/pasta/Asian food in NYC” as I was recently traveling there.

Celebrity crush: My celeb crush in none other than Anthony Bourdain (or AB, as I lovingly refer to him)

Favorite thing to binge-watch: I rewatch all of Sex and the City annually and can probably name all of Carrie’s boyfriends in chronological order (even the randos, like that one ADD Saxophone player in season 4).

Favorite junk food: Ah, junk food. It kind of depends what you mean by that. I mean, if by junk food you mean ambiguously filled “don’t ask don’t tell” dumplings from sketchy restaurants in Chinatown, I’m all about it. But in the more traditional sense, I’m a nutella fanatic. Like, I actually don’t buy nutella anymore because I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night and sneak spoonfuls. I’m also really into dips and at any given moment, there are about 6 varieties of dip in my fridge. And Jalapeno kettle chips. Have you ever tried those things? Unreal.

Favorite color: I’ve recently been really into royal blue, olive green, and red as colors to wear – I think my move to Los Angeles has caused me to stray from my all-black color palette and I may be at the precipice of an identity crisis. When I’m “tan,” I like yellow!


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Emily’s go-to comfort food is pasta or noodles and she especially loves white wine scampi with shrimp!

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Emily Fedner’s Tips for Gaining Instagram Followers:

1) Reach out to other Instagrammers

Teaming up with other Instagrammers can lead to collaborations where you both get new followers and it can help you come up with new ideas! Plus, Emily actually met one of her very best friends through Instagram DMs and she now has tons of foodie friends she met on Instagram.

2) Find your own voice

Emily says it’s important to first figure out how you want to interact with your followers and what you have to say. That’s why Emily’s blog is written in a super personal style and her Instagram captions are as hilarious as she is 😉

3) Do Takeover Tuesdays

Emily suggests that  if you take over someone’s account for a day and/or let someone else (who you trust obviously) take over your account, then you can both promote the takeover. This is a great way for you both parties to reach new people and get new followers who are interested in your account!

4) Be yourself

Emily says that this is one of the most important parts of getting followers! There will always be people who have  interests similar to yours, but you can find the right kind of followers (who will be passionate about what you are passionate about) if you share what you truly love!


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Photo by: Samantha Urell


Plus, Emily shared a list of some of her favorite spots in LA for you guys to check out for awesome eats!

1) Sapp Coffee Shop – this place is noodle HEAVEN and Thai food is my everything.
2) Myung In Dumplings and/or Dumpling House – Dumplings. Enough said.
3) Electric Karma – my go-to Indian spot that doesn’t require trekking to Arcadia
4) Maccheroni Republic – This unpretentious Italian bistro serves up some of the best pasta in LA. The Bianci & Neri is my go-to dish
6) Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksu – Korean noodle soups are the thing here, and I’m a huge fan of the spicy seafood soup!
7) Free Range LA – their OG fried chicken sandwich, tossed in the honey sriracha + cheese and avocado is what dreams are made of
8) Hide Sushi – so. good. And so old-school. The scallop special is the way to go here.
9) Stolichnaya Bakery – this tiny Russian bakery on Fairfax and Santa Monica has AMAZING pirozhki for $1.50 each. My favorite are the beef and potato.
10) Wiki Poki. Because a list of LA restaurants isn’t complete without a nod to the poke craze. (Get the spam musubi. Trust me)


Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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