Effortless Fashion Tips & Inspiration From Los Angeles Blogger, Sheridan Gregory!

I don’t know about you, but I love days when I can walk out of the house putting little to no effort in while also feeling drop-dead gorgeous. An effortless look that didn’t require much effort is truly the dream.

That is what I love about my gorgeous friend, Sheridan Gregory. Her Los Angeles blog, Blue Eyed Finch is covered in fashion inspiration from a true natural beauty (from the inside out).

Just like the image below, where Sheridan chose an adorable white lace romper paired with a long tan cardigan, she shows that you can have effortless beauty and class.

sheridan gregory
Image captured  from Sheridan’s blog: BlueEyedFinch.com

If you don’t follow her, please do!  She is a FABULOUS Los Angeles fashion blogger and wife/better half to actor, Adam Gregory.

Can we just talk about what a small town Hollywood is?

My sister played Naomi Clark on 90210 as when I first met her husband, Adam Gregory. Now, years later, Sheridan and I became friends through our Los Angeles blogs during my Bay Clubs’ perfect weekend getaway, a few weeks ago!

So fabulous!!

Alright loves, be inspired!  Look effortless and feel fabulous. As long as you remember to wear your confidence and be your fabulous self … It doesn’t take a glam squad to look your best.

Simplify your style!

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And stay beautiful! =)
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Love you long time!