Dos and Donts When Getting Your Laser Hair Removal On!

Getting my beauty on in Los Angeles is a full-time job. 

I feel like I’m constantly running around getting my highlights touched up, learning new makeup tricks from my favorite YouTube girlfriends, debating between spray tanning and tanning beds (obviously we know the smart choice) … 

So, you can imagine my excitement when I decided to get laser hair removal. 

One less thing to worry about..? Sold!

I was contacted by a handful of spas in Los Angeles interested in collaborating with my blog, but I went with Cosmetique Aesthetics because they had amazing reviews and one of my favorite Los Angeles publicists, Morgan Publicity recommended them. 

And, from the moment I walked in, I was so happy I chose them!

Located at 10744 W Washington Boulvard in Culver City, it is conveniently located with a long list of awesome treatments available to their clients. 

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Body contouring
  • Cosmetic injections
  • Weight management
  • Vitamins and hormones
  • Spa treatments

They also have a strong inventory of epic skincare lines.    


 And, with an incredible director of operations like Jenny, and her epic skin, you can immediately trust the products they endorse.   I’m not gonna lie, we got a little goofy in the procedure room

As I got prepared for the highly professional and talented Ramin Sarshad, MD.   And, let’s be honest, in a setting where you are letting it ALL hang out for laser treatment, it is important to have an awesome staff, clean spa and great treatments. Cosmetique Aesthetics blew it out of the park in those areas!  

The first treatment took a lot easier than I expected, and with the numbing cream on (I recommend waiting at least an hour for it to settle in), it doesn’t hurt too bad! I found it less painful than waxing and less annoying than shaving everyday!

I was so grateful to be invited to check out the spa and experience their work. I had always wanted laser but was super nervous about picking the right one and making sure that it actually worked!

Here are my dos and donts for laser hair treatment:

  • Do research the options you have. I can personally vouch for the service at Cosmetique but there are many options so just make sure you get a trusted opinion before making the decision
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing after your treatment. Although the numbing cream removes the sensation of the laser, it is still so much better to walk out in sweatpants. #oops I forgot this one!
  • Do refrain from waxing before your laser treatment. Shaving is fine but make sure you haven’t recently waxed because the laser needs to be able to find the hair follicles. Waxing rips the follicles out (ouch), so the laser wouldn’t be as effective until the hair has grown back
  • Don’t walk in with a fro. Lol! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Have a fresh shave and you are good to go!
  • Do refrain from tanning. The darker the skin the harder it is for the laser to accurately identify the hair follicles

Super happy to have taken my time and researched the right spot and found Cosmetique Aesthetics! Yay! One less thing to worry about …

Now, where can I get a good tan?!

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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

PS – My piggybank wasn’t injured while making this post.  I was gifted prior to posting but I’m sharing it because I curate my list of fabulous things with you. My opinions are too expensive to be bought. 🙂

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