Do you have what it takes?

by: Hannah Forbes

Moving to New York from a small town on Vancouver Island, Canada, with no job and no friends was hard. Moving to LA two years later wasn’t much easier. But waking up wild with excitement every day and passionate to live the life I’ve dreamed of… that made all of my decisions easy.
If you’ve got the entrepreneurial blood in your veins, you know what I’m talking about. No, it’s definitely not easy. You have to sacrifice sleep, forgo vacations, and listen to friends and family members urging you to take familiar, safe jobs with benefits.
Insider Tip Alert: You must be your own biggest fan, and you’ll definitely be your biggest critic. And some days, you’ll have to remind yourself about the reason you’ve chosen this path… so you can live the life you dreamed of.
I remember walking down Madison Ave, feeling the energy of New York City waking up as I’d try to be in the office at 6am everyday. It was my first internship, and I wanted to learn and experience everything I could. I had no idea what I was doing. I had gone to school to be a kindergarten teacher and here I was in New York at a sports marketing firm. But I knew one thing: I loved what I was doing! Working, connecting people, teaching people, making deals, and experiencing life as I went on. I chose this instead of keeping life and work in different boxes. And nothing has changed to this day.
Work can be fun. Work should be fun. It can fuel you with passion, wake you up in the morning before the sun rises, and keep you up late at night. It will be hard, you will have to make sacrifices, stand up for yourself, and you will make mistakes. But that is life, and that is what’s going to give you a rich, passionate life.
So you make the call. Don’t ask but tell the world what you are doing to do. This is your life, this is your job… and it’s your job to live your DreamLife!
Hannah Forbes is one of the youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs we have been lucky enough to work with. At only 25 years old, she is already rocking LA, and working as a part owner with a brand new mobile app, set to launch within the month. To follow her successes, check her out here.
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