Date night in Los Angeles

By: Rachel McCord.

Have you ever wondered how life got so busy?

With the new trend on #social being, “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé“, it’s easy to feel the pressure of what everyone else is doing and feel the need to bring it yourself.
With the pressure to add up always weighing down on me, sometimes I just want to turn off my phone and just enjoy my hubby.

That’s why when we went on an amazing date to Tamarind of London, I was so excited!

First, we had their signature TOL, a gin fizz martini

It was so refreshing! … and, I don’t even normally drink!


As if the cocktail wasn’t fabulous enough, we had been seated next to their cozy, outdoor fireplace.

We must have tried everything on the menu, because the table was constantly filled with plate after plate of their unbelievable Indian dishes


After trying their food, it’s no surprise to learn that the kitchen team is being lead by Alfred Prasad, whose 12-year Michelin Star legacy at Tamarind in the UK has transformed the Indian dining experience.


Whether you love Indian food or have always been intrigued and wanted to try it, grab your love and head to Tamarind of London in Newport Beach!

How do you live the red carpet on date night? Let me know @TheMcCordListor in your comments below!