Date night fashion to live the red carpet

By: Rachel McCord.

I am tripping over myself with my brand new SuperTrash vest. I had barely been outside for 5 minutes last night when I had a compliment and one random offer for some “free tacos” (go figure!) Regardless of the random offer, my look was a hit!

I pared it with some long leggings and black heels. I really wanted to vest to pop on it’s own (as it did!)

What I loved most about my SuperTrash shirt was how comfortable it was! I am all about comfy style, but it’s not always easy to obtain.

Fortunately, Designer Olcay Gulsen achieved that it with her fabulous line! Check it out here!

It was the perfect look for a movie date night with my love!

Rick was killing it with his style too! I had picked him up a GORGEOUS jacket by House of Fraiser, based in the UK. They have a men’s line that is ridiculous! I need to just buy stock with them and SuperTrash, because I am going to be their biggest customer!


He’s a hottie, right? #Obsessed! (Sorry ladies, he is very taken!).

So, for all of you ladies out there looking for the perfect edgy sweatshirt to give your man, you have to grab this one. It’s so hot, I am completely obsessed! 🙂

How do you and your man live the red carpet on date nights? Let us know in your comments below!