Cozy Up in American Made Clothes!

Guess what I got to do?   
 A group of my favorite celebs, bloggers and social media influencers came out with me for a tour of the American Made Supply Company.   

It was such a blast seeing where all these fabulous tanks, t-shirts and shorts come to life!
    From men’s to women’s clothing, all pieces are made in Los Angeles, California! 


So, if you are looking for a place to shop for high quality (but affordable) clothes made in America … This is a great spot to consider. 

They even have “the shirt off my back” project where they give shirts to the less fortunate! Isn’t that amazing? 

I might have to invite them to help with my upcoming girls’ workshop where I am working with at-risk teens from the foster system.   

  Definitely check them out for some awesome (and comfy) clothes made in the US!
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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

PS – My piggybank wasn’t injured while making this post. I was gifted prior to posting but I’m sharing it because I curate my list of fabulous things with you. My opinions are too expensive to be bought. :))

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