Camera ready with 5 products in 5 minutes!

By: Rachel McCord.

I was feeling a little bored today, so I decided why not try a little make up party … in only 5 minutes! NBD.

Beginning with a clean face, I decided to show myself with no makeup/filter to reveal the difference between perfect lighting and, well, not so perfect lighting.

Take a peek.
See the difference?

So many times we look at models and actresses and think, “Ahhh I wish!” But, as you may have heard, lighting, photoshop, and professional makeup artists have a big impact on that!

So, I decided to share a red carpet secret of mine to being camera ready in 5 minutes or less.

Don’t worry if it takes a little longer the first couple of times. Before long, you will be using these tricks with products used on your favorite celebs in better time than me!

I introduce: Laura Mercier. I LOVE them! They have awesome coverup, smooth eyeliner pencils, and high quality products.


Number 1 – Concealer. I used Undercover Pot-2 Camouflage for a little coverup under my eyes; on my eyelid, up the brow line (just below my eyebrows); and on problem spots.

Then I dove right into the good stuff …

Number 2 – Eye stick. The Caviar Stick Eye Color in Plum is perfect for this. It goes on smooth, shades easily, and offers a sexy color that crosses between eyeliner and shadow.

Don’t judge the fact that you (and I) may resemble a raccoon at this stage; we have to appreciate the process. 🙂

Now, all I did was grab a smooth concealer brush (but you can choose a small, shading sponge), and massage the color under my eyes and along the base of my brow bone. Allowing it to naturally fade out over my eyelid.


Careful to leave a little space (of your concealer), to break up the dark color.

Number 3 – Blush or Bronzer. If you make the fish face …

(Sexy, I know!) 🙂 haha!

You can trace the blush or bronzer along the base of the cheek bones.

Then add a little more on and below your jaw line; and from your temple to mid eyebrow on either side of your head.

If you don’t notice a big difference, that is good! The camera will still pick it up.

Number 4 – Mascara! You’ve got to make those gorgeous eyes pop with a touch (or 3) of mascara, being careful not to get it in or on your eye.


Last, but certainly not least:

Number 5 – Lipgloss! I used Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé Azalea for a pop of pink to match the shine!

And, wah lah!! Camera ready!!

With the perfect lighting… of course! 🙂

What are your makeup tips to live the red carpet? Let me know in your comments below! Or @TheMcCordList!