Be Love and You’ll Never Need to Be Anything Else

Why am I doing all this? Seems like a pretty valid question to ask yourself, right? Why wait until we are speeding down the 405 before asking ourselves where are we going, and why?

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By the way, no one does that. At least not frequently. Unless we are looking for a joyride down the PCH, why would we hop in our car without a purpose? 

The reality is, we do that in our personal and professional lives all the time. Start college with no clue what we want to do. Start jobs in industries opposite to where we want to be. To live in a world with so many opportunities, we can sure find ourselves taking the first things thrown at us. 

I’m having one of those moments when I ask myself why. Why am I doing what I do? What’s the point? Who cares? Why does it matter?

Sure, I live a glam life in Hollywood but I’m not quite sure why I care. 

I grew up in trailer parks in Georgia, selling my toys so we would have money. So, how did lil ole me end up in Hollywood at epic parties, on red carpets and in photoshoots? 

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Image by: Britt Barett | Wearing Molly Bracken
More importantly, why do I care? Wouldn’t I be just as happy on a wrap around porch, curled up in an afghan (yes, I just said the word, afghan). Here’s the definition for those who didn’t grow up in the south:

I have always been the girl in the shadow, helping everyone else advance. It just feels weird to be the one in the spotlight. But, the biggest question I have is why? Why am I even putting myself out there?

I have been working on a really exciting project (can’t wait to tell you all about it later). It’s the first time I feel like there is finally some consistent purpose to my life, but it is so scary. 

I feel like I am frozen. Inches before the finish line, I am frozen. Oh, and people do not all line up to support you when you really go for it. 

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There are those few who really get behind you with love, prayer, support and encouragement. But, there is a solid crew ready to put you down for going for it. 

It’s weird too, because I am the kind of person to encourage everyone around me. It always suprises me when I finish complimenting someone and they take a dig at me. I’m like, “Really?” The mature side of me gets it. They are feeling insecure, lost, competitive, etc. it’s not a conscious, “Hey, you suck. Give up.”  It more of a mild version of that. 

So, what do you do when you are afraid to push yourself over that final bump? You freaking GO FOR IT!! Be courageous. Encourage yourself. The sooner you stop seeking approval from everyone else, the sooner you can put your middle finger up (in a very loving way, of course) and just BE YOU!!!! 

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Who cares if people around you judge? Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Let them. Who cares. Be so busy feeling alive and vulnerable as you put yourself out in the world, that you don’t even notice. 

Worse case, you make a mistake. You lose a few fans along the way. Okay! That’s cool. If they were so willing to bounce, they weren’t that loyal. 

Love yourself. Give that self permission to be. The action of love is acceptance. So start accepting those flaws. The little parts of you that are messy, human, imperfect. Don’t do it for the likes, smiles and hearts … do it because you deserve to be all colors of you. 

Our world has enough hate. We need to cover it and ourselves with love. When you forget your why and have no clue what you are doing or what the point is anyway, go back to the basics. Love people. Just be wherever you are filled with love. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s powerful. 

Be love and you will never need to “be” anything else. 

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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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