Be Fabulous, Have fun & Rock Photo Shoots!

Today, my niece is shooting with our fabulous team of stylists, photographers and friends to experience her fabulous life (LA style). 

She is so gorgeous and sweet. It was such an honor to shoot with her! I am so proud of her natural talent to just be free, be herself and have fun!

That is what it’s all about when it comes to photo shoots! 

Be you …

You are already fabulous! 


So proud of her!!! Ps, she has been in LA a total of 1 hour and a half and she is already killing it!

It doesn’t surprise me that she would be so naturally fabulous, her mom is perfect! 🙂

If you have a big photo shoot, audition of job, just go for it! Be your biggest fan! Never ever doubt yourself … You got this!!

Just recite over and over …

I am beautiful 

I am fierce 

I got this

I am a success

I’m a boss!


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Love you long time!

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  • Definitely the perfect mantra to keep repeating.

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