Are you going to Coachella 2017? 

Are you excited? Coachella is this weekend!!! Well, technically, it is this weekend and next … but to everyone in Hollywood, it is THIS weekend. 

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This is when everyone fuels up their BMWs and lines up on the 101 for some good ole traffic and fumes, as they make their way to Palm Springs / Coachella for parties, music and more parties. 

Eye makeup tips 2018Sure, with jets like JetSuiteX, you can fly to Coachella
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but the majority of Hollywood will pick up a bag of Doritos and find themselves driving through the desert 🌵, excited to spend the weekend away. 

I know technically it is a vaca, but anytime I have makeup and heels on, I have to ask myself if I am really on vaca. 

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Of course, Coachella is that fun exception when vaca looks like photographers, Vogue and fun in the sun with all your besties …
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especially when that includes your puppy!
Coachella 2017

Before I leave on Friday, I am getting my tan on at the Tanning Boutique. They are so sweet! They are gifting me, thanks to a good friend of mine. 

If you are also in Los Angeles, and want to try them out, drop them a line at 310.208.6161 or stop by at 1132 Westwood Blvd; Los Angeles. 

They are offering a Skinny Contour Light and Custom Spray Tan Cocktail for $89 right now. 🙌🏼

So, WHAT is happening at Coachella? Sure, there are tons of headliners inside the festival … but it is what happens around the festival that is so much fun!

The number one Coachella afterparty for the past eight years has been the Neon Carnival! 

This year will be NO exception since the AMAZING Johnny Gines, one of my Hollywood favorites, is the guy in charge at Neon Carnival. For media requests, you can reach out to him at EFG::Entertainment Fusion Group // [email protected] 

This year, they partnered up with Levi’s and Don Julio (I meannnn, YASSS! Can you pass me a pair of boyfriend jeans and a lime?) to create the party you will either NEVER forget or the one that you had so much fun at, you can barely remember … 

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The invite-only outdoors dance fête, widely recognized as one of the most coveted after parties of the year, is the brainchild of famed LA nightlife maven Brent Bolthouse, the creator of The Bungalow. Have you been there? It’s amazing. Such a great spot on the west side in Santa Monica. 

Of course, the only city you will be hearing about for the next two weeks is Coachella … and who got invited to all the parties, including the Neon Carnival.

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Expect new games, amusement park rides and continued involvement from the biggest names in entertainment and lifestyle brand partnerships, including the return of iconic denim inventor, the Levi’s® Brand, back to headline the event. 

Tequila Don Julio, returning for the third year in a row, will be pouring specialty drinks from the Airstream Speakeasy and providing Don Julio 1942 bottle service for VIP tables, including a special debut of their new Magnum Don Julio 1942 bottle. 

Entry into the festival after party is granted with more than just a Neon Carnival wristband; guests will also receive a new, one-of-a-kind Lokai bracelet (who just did an amazing collaboration with NAMI) that must be presented for admittance. 

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Batiste Dry Shampoo (one of my favorites) will host on-site hair styling stations and offer samples to attendees seeking a quick hair refresh. 

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Don’t ride alone! Tinder will pair you with a new match on their bumper car ride. I LOVE bumper cars by the way. Fortunately I already have a match with my handsome hubs! Umm, 🎤 drop. 

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Stop by the Bud Light space to share a beer with friends and cool off before tackling the rest of the carnival. No strangers to the nightlife scene, Hollywood heavy hitter DJ’s including Kayper, DJ Politik, Jesse Marco and DJ Ruckus will keep partygoers dancing with performances that last into the early morning hours. 

I am excited to once again join forces with Levi’s® and Tequila Don Julio, two brands that consistently capture the electrifying spirit of Neon Carnival. Every year is another opportunity for us to top ourselves, and we look forward to making this year’s Neon Carnival the best ever,” said Brent Bolthouse.

Neon Carnival was created by Bolthouse Productions and continues annually at the Aviation Airport during music’s biggest festival weekend. 

For more information, please visit Neon Carnival on Facebook:

Ps … I think I’m suppose to say this … legally, maybe?:


Some other exciting Coachella news … ready? 

I AM HOSTING AN EVENT WITH TOPSHOP & PLAYLIST!!!!!! Can you believe it!?!? Me either. I always feel a little out of my league in Hollywood … and now, Coachella is NO exception. I guess hard work and big dreams do work out sometimes … even when you feel a little unworthy! 🙌🏼👏🏼🙏🏽

I’ve learned, when I have a huge opportunity come to me, that I don’t feel worthy of, I start to feel afraid that I will fail. That’s how I learned to work even harder to blow them away, when I feel like that. Some people curl up and feel unworthy. I roll up my sleeves, determined to make them proud! 

I’m so excited!

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I will also be attending PopSugar’s fabulous event on Friday and the Lucky brand event as well.
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I am SUPER excited to go and show you all my Coachella fashion for 2017 … but you should know, I’m doing “Glamchella” this year! I might be hanging in Coach, but I am bringing the GLAM!? Hahaha!! 
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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

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