Are you driven by success or love?

by: Rachel McCord
What is rocking in your Life? Whether it is your career or relationship, where you invest your treasure is where your true passion lies. In layman’s terms, you can identify the source of your passion based on where you invest your time, finances, and/or energy, you have identified your passion.
What if nothing is rocking in my Life? This can be a challenge surfacing from two common scenarios. 1. You could either be lacking focus or 2. You could be lacking belief in yourself or abilities.
At The McCord List, we are passionate about helping girls dig in and identify what is blocking their DreamLife. We do that by helping you identify what drives you… is it success in career or love?
What motivates you?   Do you believe you can have success in both career and love? If not, why?
 These are just a few thoughts to get you going for the day! =)
Are you having a particular hard time creating or identifying your DreamLife? We would love to help you with private coaching. Need advice? Email Rachel at [email protected].

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