Am I the only one whose life is a mess?

By: Rachel McCord.

I setup The McCord List headquarters with an amazing outdoor office that could only happen in sunny California.

With yummy candles and a world of possibilities, I have found myself loving this spot more and more … Until today.

So, apparently, I have a neighbor upstairs with a dog that PEES on his balcony (yes, this story is taking a turn).

My neighbors solution? Rinse it off … right into MY OFFICE!

I am trying to use my whole namaste thing, but it’s getting harder by the second.
You see, there is this STRONG odor that is doing an amazing job of distracting me from this post.

It’s funny how many times my life has taken a turn, just like this story is …

I mean, isn’t this how life is sometimes? You think you are creating or doing something beautiful and someone/something just pees all over it. :/

I think of how many times I’ve shared a super exciting idea with someone and they are like … “Eh”. It’s not the easiest thing to swallow.

Or, have you ever gotten all dolled up for a red carpet event or a night on the town, and your sister or bestie gives you the eyebrows. You know, when they raise them to ask, “Are you serious or am I being punked?”

Rejection hurts. Failure sucks. And, it hurts to be in the in between. The spot where you see your dream life (or as I call it, your red carpet life), but you just can’t quite reach it yet.

It’s hard.

But, what if we are suppose to learn how to push through and live in the uncomfortable unknown?

For example, I have 10 candles burning to mask the smell in my soiled office. And, I realize, this too shall pass. Now, that does NOT mean I haven’t complained and, hopefully, handled the situation for the future…

But, maybe this is just a current reality I need to accept. Once I have done all I can to fix it (#bleach), maybe I just need to accept the part that pisses me off -no pun intended-.

Is there something in your life that, with a little uncomfortable push, you can just accept and laugh at?

Trust me, I get it! I feel like I am trying to blend these two worlds in my life …

The glamorous Hollywood side with the dorky, flawed me that I am.

The one that falls down. Doesn’t want to wear makeup. Needs a hug. Wants to cry. Wants to curl up and watch Castle episodes with my besties and not feel guilty about it!

I’m a mess sometimes! Is that okay? I certainly hope so because my office just got peed on, literally!

My life is messy … Smelly … And, often times embarrassing … But, it’s me!

Now, I am going to eat some chocolate and go buy some bleach! It’s a red carpet kind of a day! :)!

How can you accept your messy/nerdy/silly/goofy/flawed self and live the red carpet where you are at? Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comments below!

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