All is fair in love and hair

by: Rachel McCord
Have you ever had a really bad experience at a hair salon and got, well, a little emotional?
Good! I was worried I was the only one!  Well, I think all is fair in love and hair.
I got my hair did (haha, okay, I’ll stop!)…. I got my hair done at this awesome salon, but the girl definitely messed it up. It was one of those bad color jobs. Her sweet assistant kept thinking if she just kept blowing my hair out, I was going to start liking it… yeah, nope. By the time the defensive stylist came over I was ready to pop.
Were there tears? Yes.
Were we both angry? Yep!
Did I learn something? Thankfully, yes!     These are my tips to crush it in the hair chair. =)
Top 3 Tips for the hair chair:
# 1   OVER communicate. They cannot read your pretty mind. Mention things that have worked and have NOT worked in the past.
# 2   Bring photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Just remember to find photos with girls who have similar hair and don’t expect to look just like them. A perfect highlight is still not going to give you Taylor Swift’s cat eyes. Plus, why would you not want to look like your fabulous self??
# 3   Take charge. Some hair stylists have egos (yep, I said it… we all have them sometimes) and may think they know better than you. Listen respectfully but feel confident in your decision and only make the adjustments YOU want.

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