Affordable fashion you need to know about

Listen, I am just going to tell it like it is today …

You have to check out this brand. I have been wearing their pieces so much over the past week, you would think I’m getting paid for this.

custom shoes los angeles
With the man behind every celeb’s custom shoe
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Outside of CAA in Los Angeles
affordable fashion
Striking a pose at The Grove LA
Putting some leg into it
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Getting a grip on this fabulous cluth
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A poor man’s Angelina Jolie
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You just feel sexy in this dress
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At the NAMI event
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With my girl, Morgan Stewart
boohoo mccord list
Go short or go home (wait, is that not a thing?)


what wear date
No, this was totally natural (ish)
hot couples hollywood mccord list My man (like a boss)

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My role model, Diana Madison
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* Street style *
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Jewelry with a heart: Lula Mena
what to wear
Flirty Fashion
rachel mccord list
At Business Rockstars!
rachel mccord list
Does this make me a Business Rockstar? (Just say yes)
I mean, I could not make this stuff up. We all know, if you spend thousands of dollars on Rodeo Drive, on everything from Dolce & Gabbana to those tiny boutique shops they practically charge you to step foot in, you are going to find some fabulous things. Right?

Well, this UK brand, Boohoo, has officially blown my mind. My mind has not been blown like this since I discovered SuperTrash (another fashion line you need to know about).

Anyway, back to Boohoo … Would you believe that their dresses start at only $10!?  And, I am not talking about crappy pieces, their line is very chic.

Their stuff is so amazing, I get lost in their website on the daily.

Again, I realize I sound like I’m the new Boohoo Employee of the Month, but this is just how I am when I am passionate about something. They didn’t gift or pay me for this post. Though, they should have. Haha! I’m 100% kidding.

Check them out … Thank me later.

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