7 Tips on How to Rock it as a Supermodel

Today I sat down with the amazing supermodel Anna Clement from Jackson Mississippi.

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

And, with the modeling industry  changing drastically, I think I am supposed to call Anna curvy … but I just call her STUNNING!

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

She is definitely on my list of fabulous people for many reasons, including how she broke into one of the most glamorous careers in the world.

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

Attending a makeup class in Los Angeles, she was prompted to model for a makeup artist when one of the models was a no-show. She wow the photographer and her peers when she got in front of the camera, and it wasn’t long before everyone started telling her to give modeling a shot.

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

She told me she was shocked because she always thought models were suppose to be 6 feet tall and 100 pounds … but she went for it!

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

And, umm, aren’t we glad she did?!   In less than two years after signing with the New York based MSA Models, she began to book highly coveted jobs like Runner’s World Magazine and Refinery29. Ms. Clement has also worked with prominent brands such as Jessica Simpson Swimwear, Under Armour, Lane Bryantand the campaign face for Ply Apparel, which was recently named one of the top curve designer’s at NYFW 2016.

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

She is changing the way we see the industry and I find it incredibly inspiring!

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

But, even more inspiring that her courage to break the modeling mold and show the world that you can be stunning and fabulous without needing to be a size 2, is her work with the homeless women of New York City.

Anna Clement Curvy Supermodel

Southern sweetheart and supermodel, Anna Clement started Curve Cares, which supports homeless women around NYC. Weekly she, along with a group of women from the Curvy Division at MSA Models, go to the New York City Rescue Mission shelter to listen to the stories of the homeless. She paints their nails and shows them that they matter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.59.14 PM

I asked her to give us 7 Tips on How to Rock it as a Supermodel and here is what she shared:

  1. The secret is to be easy to work with
  2. Be on time and professional
  3. Take deep breaths and relax
  4. Treat casting directors as if you are already good friends
  5. Stay humble
  6. Weekly manicures to treat yourself
  7. And use Sephora’s collagen booster: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum with Vitamin C Booster

Be sure to follow Anna Clements’s career, I am sure you will fall in love just like I did!

Check her out on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/anna_clement/

Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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