5 tips to the perfect night out in Hollywood!

1. Curate your favorite people. No charity invites, it’s your night. Make sure you are inviting people you feel 100% comfy with.

2. Select an open style venue (without a doorman) This ensures late arrivals are not a a hassle. Think hotel lobby bars with cocktail service. Like the Bazaar in SLS because the arrival process was easy because my friends could walk right in and join our table (which was first come, first serve)

3. Set the perfect time. Consider traffic and work obligations. I scheduled my last one for 8:30 p.m. and we shut that place down! Haha! For real though.

4. Get all dolled up. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as too fabulous. You are worth it!

Be fabulous, have fun, be sweet, and live your purpose!Tweet that!

5. Have fun! As a host, it is sometimes difficult to turn off the side that wants to take care for everyone else … That’s your cocktail server’s job at this point.

Dance, laugh, love, enjoy everyone. Trust me, they will have the best time knowing that you are!




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