5 Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Wine Party at Home

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I am so happy to share 5 Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Wine Party at Home!  

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On the heels of my wine tasting event with Napa Valley vintners, I had to invite you to join in the celebration by hosting your own party … just like I did!

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 I am super excited to have joined forces with the official Napa Valley vintners to celebrate the launch of their e-auction.

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Which is which is currently running until Sunday, June 5th to benefit non-profit organizations for community health and children’s education in Napa Valley.

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Online auction lots now available include: luxurious stays at guest houses in Napa Valley, unique tasting experiences, tours of fabulous estates and vineyards, and magnums of some of Napa Valley’s finest wines.

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To learn more about the e-auction and Napa Valley’s vintners, please visit auctionnapavalley.org

rachel mccord napa valley

So without further ado …. =)

5 Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Wine Party at Home

1) Research the wines:

   Check Wine Spectator’s reviews to make sure that the wine you will be enjoying is rated in the “superior” range of 90-94 or in the “classic” range of 95-100. Doing a little research can make all the difference in selecting the best wine for the occasion. Also, Napa Valley’s official e-auction, which runs from May 29th to June 5th, makes it easy to find and bid on top notch magnums by simply visiting auctionnapavalley.org.

2) Select the right pairings: 

   What you pair with your wine, is almost as important as the wine itself. When in doubt, serve wine pairing staples, like cheese or flatbread. These can also serve as palette cleansers between wines. For an exhaustive guide to expertly pairing your favorite wines and foods visit: www.foodandwinepairing.org/rules.html.

3) Find the perfect playlist:

     Play background music to set the mood, but make sure it will not overpower the conversation. For instance, a playlist including artists like Josh Stone, The Head and the Heart, Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers will provide a relaxing atmosphere without killing the mood.

4) Don’t forget to aerate:

   Always start aerating your wine approximately thirty minutes before the party. Aerating wine is important because it can actually improve it in a manner similar to the aging process. Using a decanter, like the fabulous ones offered at www.riedel.com/collections/decanters, is an easy way to make sure your wine is ready for any party.

5) Make it entertaining:

   It can also be fun to give your wine tasting a twist by making it a competition. Have your guests bring a bottle of wine marked with their name and then, using wine sleeves for anonymity, have guests rank the wines as they taste them. At the end, give whoever brought the wine with the highest ranking a prize, like a decanter, an electric wine opener, or a bottle of wine. Bonus points for purchasing your wines (or prizes) from Napa Valley’s e-auction, which supports worthy non-profits that are geared towards improving the education and healthcare of residents of the Napa Valley community.


rachel mccord napa valley

Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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