5 Tips To Grow Your Blog & Social Media Following!

Would you believe there are 1.96 billon social media accounts on the web?

And, approximately, 152 millon bloggers out there. 

With so much amazing content out there, how do you stand out? No really, how do you? 


Here are my top five tips to rocking your social media and blog posts…

1. Put some time and planning behind your social media. 

the mccord list photo shoot backstage 

When I started being more intentional about my social media, I realized I needed to put some planning behind it. 

2. Create the same username for each of your social media accounts

For example, my username on each account is @iamRachelMcCord. Whether you tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can easily find me in your list of contacts. 

3. Choose your topics. 

rachel mccord the mccord list

cute dogs rachel mccord

rachel mccord
rachel mccord

Every company has a brand. The McCord List is a blog about fabulous things and a community of over 20,000 bloggers, social media stars, and celebs. So, my brand is all about fabulous things. That includes: photo shoots, fashion, style, hair, makeup, travel, glamour.  If I post things about nature it wouldn’t really make sense … Unless I’m wearing Stuart Weitzman heels and a couture gown. 🙂

4. Be consistent. 

When you are trying to grow your social media following, it’s important to remain consistent. 

Remain consistent with your usernames, brand topics, and photos. 

Try posting three times a day with awesome engaging stuff. Use hashtags, but max at seven. I always try to using them in an engaging way. 

For example:

#Loving this #blog post on how to #grow your #Social #Media & #Blog following! Check it out @TheMcCordList. 

Personally, I prefer strategic hashtags within the post so it feels more personable. 

5. Post engaging photos.

People love memes (photos with quotes and humor), glamorous photos, animals, kids, fabulous things, etc.  

Once you know your brand, posting images and videos your followers will love becomes a fun challenge. 

rachel mccord

What are your top tips to rocking your blog or growing social media following? Let @me know or in your comments below!