5 Life Hacks When You Feel Depressed 

There’s something about the beginning of the year that can really make us feel like failures.

I know that is in direct contradiction to goal setting talks, new year resolutions and vision planning …

But, think about it … what quicker way to acknowledge where you are NOT than to make plans for where you want to be. 

Keep in mind … this is coming from someone who supports vision planning and goal setting 100%. 

I am just acknowledging a very real truth:

you can’t go where you want until you first acknowledge the (sometimes painful) truth of where you currently are at. 

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

                            Tony Robbins

We have to acknowledge and own up to the truth that the place we are today and the state of our relationships are based on past thinking, behaviors and actions. 

Releasing all blame of others can feel overwhelming at first but it quickly rejuvenates us when we become reminded that we already have the power to improve our lives. 

So, if sadness, depression, loneliness, etc, are holding you back from that fabulous like you deserve, I hope you enjoy the following …

The McCord List of 5 Hacks when you feel Depressed:

1. Let yourself off the hook.  
It is okay to feel depressed from time to time. Sometimes we become so busy judging or trying to overturn depression, we forget to just allow it.  Maybe you should jump into a onesie and just cry. That’s OKAY. 

When I was feeling super depressed I would curl up in my closet with my two puppies and just sleep/cry in the bottom of the closet. 

Of course, the whole time I would be judging myself, feeling like a failure, until one day a mentor told me:

Why is that a bad thing? Allow yourself to step into that place. Just give it a time limit.

Such a simple adjustment that made all the difference. I began to give myself permission to just be in the emotion. 

2. Phone a friend.
I know you don’t want to. When depressed, the sexiest thing is isolation. Don’t do it! It makes it worse. Fight the urge. Don’t even entertain those excuses …

“I will be a burden/inconvenience to my friend.” 

No you won’t. Shut up and talk to them. 

“I haven’t talked to them in so long, calling them out of the blue would be weird.” 

They will forgive you. Reach out. Don’t punish yourself for being depressed by acting like you are contagious. 

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Don’t! Host a pj party and watch comedies until you cry laughing. 🙂 That doesn’t sound so painful, huh?

3. Step out of your pain for a minute and get some new perspective.  
Ask a local charity (like Covenant House or Olive Crest) if you can volunteer your time/talent/resources.  The quickest way to flip your world upside down is to help someone else and see your purpose come to life. 

I remember the second year I lived in Los Angeles, when a girlfriend of mine and I made sandwiches, wrote inspirational notes for each one and drove around LA in my Mini Cooper convertible handing them out to the homeless.  It is one of the most fulfilling LA memories I have. 
4. Start a daily gratitude journal and share at least three things you are more most grateful for each day. It will train your mind to seek out the good in every scenario. 

5. Do some positive affirmations, meditate and read motivation books.
Do what you can to care for yourself. Maybe a thought, principle or belief that comes up will be exactly what you need to hear. 

In a deep conversation with some of my close friends, this topic came up. One of them brought up a great point about how important it is to keep moving. 

Maybe you don’t feel like taking 5 meetings each day, can you do 3? 1? Do a little of what you can each day.  

You will get through this!

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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord


If you are feeling severely depressed or suicidal please call 911 and get some help. You matter, your life matters.

On-going support can be accessed here (http://www.crisistextline.org/textline/). They invite you to use their confidential text hotline by sending the word “Go” to 741-741. 

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    • Anonymous
    • 1 year

    I love this! Great tips- all are SO effective!

    It’s important to give ourselves a BREAK and remember that we’re doing the best we can!

    When i’m down, i allow myself 24 hours to mope – no more! The next day is all about creating solutions, and ACTING on them.. to turn things around.

    xoxo – Ryan

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