5 Fashion Tips by Celebrity Stylist to Kelly Osbourne & my sis, AnnaLynne McCord

Celebrity Stylist, Samanthan Burkhart has worked with the hottest celebs in Hollywood. 
Now, after styling my sister, AnnaLynne McCord, Kelly Osbourne, and more, she is styling you!
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1. Invest in a good tailor – every stylists secret weapon! For most people, nothing fits straight off the rack. Most clothes require little tweaks to get the fit absolutely perfect. 
2. It’s all about what’s underneath – shape wear like Spanx will literally take you down an entire size, hold you in, and give you way more confidence. I also recommend making sure you are wearing the right size and style of bra. The right fit makes all the difference. 
3. Know what works best for your shape – if you are short and curvy something like a flare pant or a shapeless dress is just going to exaggerate that you are short and curvy! Always work with proportions. 
4. Don’t show TOO much! If you have a dress that accentuates your waist and your bust, make sure it has modest coverage of your legs. And if you have a very short dress, make sure the girls are covered! Leave a little something to the imagination… you don’t need to show off all the goods at once! 
5. Always go everywhere with double sided tape… if not for your own wardrobe malfunction, for your friend at the office who is giving everyone an accidental peep show with her gaping button down. You friends will thank you!
Check out celebrity stylist, Samantha Burkhart for help with your closet!
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Pulled From SamanthaBurkhart.com
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