4 ways to not suck as you tell someone else they do!

Standing up for yourself can sometimes be annoyingly difficult.

We expect the ones we love to love us back and make our words better.

But, sometimes … they suck at that. So the question remains:

Do you give them a piece of your mind or do you move forward like nothing ever happened?

I think it depends. It’s helpful if you can take a mature response and express your feelings in a kind but direct way, but sometimes we just don’t have that in us.

I recently gave someone I care/d about a piece of my mind and this is what I focused on: 

  1. Remembered, they may never own what they did, but it’s not about that. — This is your chance to release some surprised anger. Don’t let their inability to be self aware stop you from being honest. 
  2. Process your feelings with a friend or therapist right after. — The struggle is real. Don’t stuff it inside. That’s as painful as breathing in oxygen and never letting it out. 
  3. Don’t get bitter, get over it. — Yeah, so that person sucks. That’s okay. You never know what caused them to become that way. Once you vent move on and don’t speak negatively about it anymore. First of all, you have too many other fabulous things to think of and, secondly, what a waste it is to give them all your power. Move forward babe … You got this!
  4. Don’t let them “razzle dazzle” you, Chicago style. — Most likely they are going to try to deflect, put the blame on you, make up non relevant excuses, etc. Keep bringing the convo back to the point:

I understand that Urth Cafe ran out of their kale salad, but, again, why did you punch me in the face?

Have more tips to share? Or, think my blow? That’s okay! Vent away and tell me your thoughts!

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