4 Tips to Change Your Life Right Now

If you are thinking: I need to change my life

I am so happy you found this post.   I just got home from a spiritual retreat in Redding, California, and I am still feeling the incredible effects today.

There were so many things I learned from the incredible teachers there, I had to share them with you (because I love you, what can I say?).

Mercy triumphs over judgement … Always. When we give ourselves grace in our daily lives to just be ourselves and forgive our mistakes, we can live happier, healthier lives

  • We need community. Having the right people around us is what gives us purpose in life. Human connection is food for our soul. Resist the urge to isolate when you feel depressed. Instead, open up to a few trustworthy people and let them love you
  • We can all be love and light to the world. It is too easy with all the crisis in the world to feel helpless. Wondering, “What can I do?” The truth is that we can do so much more than we realize. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa to change someone’s life, to help them find purpose and feel love
  • Seek healing. We all have beautiful stories of laughter, pain, joy, sadness, emptiness and hope. If there are aspects of your life that need to be evaluated and healed, take time and invest in yourself. Trust me, it’s a worthy investment

Living fabulously is about making space in your heart and life to live with passion, to laugh, to dance like you did when you were little, and to embrace all parts of yourself.

It is about abandoning the self judgement that says ‘you can’t’ and opening your eyes to seeing all you can do/be.

A dream/vision, belief in oneself, hard work and the ability to receive and feel worthy of good will help you achieve is your dreams. #yougotthis

What is your dream?     What is getting in the way of it?

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Love you long time!