3 Tips To The Perfect LA Blogger Party!

By: Rachel McCord.

Parties in LA happen all the time. But, they are like images on Instagram – they pop up everywhere, but are not equally entertaining.
So, the question remains, how do you plan an epic blogger party or private event, while keeping your guests entertained?

1. It’s all about the right venue. For your next event in LA, you’ve got to check out the Sixty Hotel rooftop. I planned a surprise party for my man there last weekend, and was thrilled with the venue!

Formally the Thompson hotel, Sixty is in an awesome Beverly Hills location with a rooftop to write home about!

Epic views of the city and open LA air is the perfect backdrop to keep your guests happy and entertained. Plus, the staff are on it! I loved them all, especially my event coordinator!

2. It’s all about the guests! Look, I’ve lived in Hollywood long enough to know that people will judge your event based on who is (or isn’t) present. If you invite the right Social Celebs, anyone who missed your event will definitely be bummed the next day when everyone is insta-tweeting images on social.

Here’s an extra tip! If you have a big guest list, but, are always on the go, try the Google Drive app on your phone. You can create and edit your guest list spreadsheet from anywhere in the world (where you have internet).

3. Treat your guests to a special cocktail as soon as they arrive to set the tone for a fun night with celeb treatment from the very beginning!


Let us know if you are a Blogger or Social Celeb and would like to request an invite to one of our blogger parties!

How did you live the red carpet today? Let us know in your comments below!