3 Tips To Start Living a Fabulous Life

A couple of months ago I was asked if I would do a guest blog for The McCord List on how I help others live a fabulous life through a project I run called Project Kindness.

Of course, like any person that aspires to make a difference in this world, I jumped at the chance to do so; what an opportunity it is to reach more & more people & spread further love & kindness in the process. 

I guess I should start at the beginning by explaining what Project Kindness actually is. 16 months ago I was biding time in my local coffee shop trying to figure out how I could get my life together & make peace with my past in order to function like a ‘regular’ human being in society. 

For months, I would sit in the same exact coffee shop, in the same exact seat, drinking the same exact drink in a monotonous routine that had complete & utter power over my life. Day after day I would observe the lives of others & wonder if they questioned life on the grand scale that I did. I’d often speculate over what their stories might be, what pain they had seen in their lifetimes & how or if they had overcome it. I asked myself tirelessly what it was that helped me on my down days, & realized that it was often the smallest things that touched my heart & kept me going that bit longer.

Anyway, what I decided I wanted to do, was give people something that could help them on their journey; something small, seemingly insignificant, that could however stop them in their tracks & make them think, question, or even find comfort in perhaps. I began leaving little notes with inspirational words for others to find, & that is when Project Kindness was born. 

In less than a year & a half I’ve left a total of 524 notes for people to find mainly in the UK, but this has in fact stretched as far as the United States & South East Asia upon my travels.

 Of course I’ve always known that many of the notes that I leave may not reach anybody at all, but in discovering that at least some have touched the lives of others, makes me feel that what I have set out to do has been & is being achieved. 

Not only that, it has in turn set off a chain reaction in that I have received contributions from people all over the world who have got on board with the project by leaving notes & quotes in their own towns, cities & countries.

What I wanted was more love & kindness in the world, & I’ve learned that starts with you & me. We all have a very tiny puzzle piece in the grand scheme of things, but within that, we all have the ability to make a huge difference to the lives of others & to the lives of ourselves. 

Each of our puzzle pieces add up to create the world that we live in today, so if we all work on our own areas of the puzzle & seek a similar outcome, then the world that we desire can & will be achieved. Not to forget that when we are kind to others, we actually fill ourselves up with love & happiness too
These are my 3 top tips to feel worthy to live a fabulous life: 
1: LOVE MORE: The more we love, the better we feel, for love is the positive force that drives out all negativity. When faced with adversity, seek to love, when faced with fear, seek to love; whatever you find yourself up against, make sure you put love at the centre of it all, for love is the energy that connects us; the thing that holds us together & keeps us in full bloom.
2: BE KIND: Do something everyday that puts that little bit of kindness into the lives of others. We all talk about doing thoughtless deeds & feeling good about it, but how many of us make it regularly thing? Next time you see that homeless guy on the corner of the street begging for change, offer to get him a coffee from the Starbucks across the road, or when you find yourself in the process of selling that old jumper on Ebay, why not donate it to the local charity shop instead? The satisfaction you’ll feel in being so thoughtful will make you wonder why you don’t do it more often.
3: FEED YOUR SOUL: Beauty emanates from within. The better you feel on the inside, the more you will radiate on the outside. Nourish yourself with the things that make you happy; be kind to yourself, treating yourself only the way you would treat your best friend, your mother, or your sister. Read, meditate, indulge in the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Watch the sunset. Take a bubble bath. Sing at the top of lungs to your favourite album. Feed your soul with all things wonderful & watch it flower & grow.
If you would like to be a part of Project Kindness or have a look at each of the notes that have been left since it began, please visit our website, Facebook or Instagram.

Lots of love, light & positivity,

Abby xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo