3 Tips to Improving Teamwork According to Formula Arts

Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the fabulous women (and men!) in my network. These trendsetters and tastemakers have bright futures and they wanted to share their advice, tips, and tricks to success with you!


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Formula Arts is a group of 6 dynamic individuals who each have their own special superpower. The group started working together in 2011 and since then they have put together some incredible projects!


The Team:

Tommy: cinematographer
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Henry: writer and director

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Jenn: photographer, designer, and social media guru

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Kyle: audio engineer and videographer

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Leon: music composer and producer

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Wendy: designer

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This dream team produces amazing content together, which can be seen on their website or on the Formula Arts Instagram account. To get an idea of what they do as storytellers, Jenn recommends that you check out their YouTube, especially: The Conductor.


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The group’s advice is to be willing to put effort into your passion daily, no matter what platform you’re using. They say that it’s important to never stop learning and growing. By finding people on the the same “creative wavelength” you can stay inspired and help each other to become better at whatever it is you are pursuing. The group also says it’s important to keep working hard and never get complacent or feel like you’ve reached the top, because there is always more to learn and more ways to improve.


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Formula Arts’ 3 Tips to Improving Teamwork:

1) Concentrate on the group’s shared goal.

Tommy says that he created Formula Arts as a way to inspire the youth to do something with their lives and to follow their passion – whatever that might be. The whole Formula Arts team is committed to this goal of encouraging creativity and helping others find their passions. One of the old members of the group actually quit to become a surgeon, but the team laughs about it and told me how proud they were that their friend found his calling. This encouragement atmosphere and the shared goal of making a cultural impact is what holds Formula Arts together.

2) Everyone needs to prioritize the project.

The group also says that they all make it a point to prioritize Formula Arts, even though they each have tons of individual projects going on as well. This commitment to their team is part of what makes them so successful and allows them to work so well together. If everyone is equally committed, this eliminates a lot of group conflict that can come from working with others.

3) Learn from each other.

Everyone in Formula Arts unanimously agreed that they all learn from each other and love sharing their passions in such a unique way. They said that no one person comes up with all of their ideas and the creative feedback they give each other makes them better as individuals and as a whole. The input and perspective of each member is valued and that’s what makes Formula Arts so special and makes their group work.


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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

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