3 steps to fabulous hair!

By: Rachel McCord.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE hot rollers!!

I don’t know what it is about these little guys, but, they just make me happy! I know it is so old school fabulous, but, fabulous nonetheless.
The only problem was that I would leave – yes, I would run errands in LA with my curlers in – and get stuck with a bunch of these hot rollers and no where to put them …

But, as a fashion blogger and self proclaimed girl-on-the-go, I was determined to find a solution. And, you know I did! 🙂

This purple piece of goodness is so innovative and cool! It’s called a Hot Iron Holster. It clings to smooth surfaces and, most importantly, it is heat resistant!

Isn’t that epic?



It’s also super helpful when I’m checking out of a hotel because I can do my hair, throw in my hot curling iron or straightener, and run out the door!

Hah! You know this fashion girl is giddy about this!

So, to celebrate the find, I’m sharing my tips to get the look!

1. Hot roll or curl and pin your hair until it cools.


2. Remove the curlers and spray (a lot of) hairspray and a little shine.


3. Lightly brush the curls out for a voluminous, sexy look.


Now that you have your hair did, the most important step is to head now out into life and live the red carpet!

That means to claim your power and live your potential TODAY. Not when you drop 20lbs, get cut abs, graduate from college or get Botox … Do it now. 🙂

How can you live the red carpet today? Let me know @TheMcCordList or in your comments below!