20 Minutes of Meditation= 8 Hours Zzz??

I am all about efficiency. Anyone who knows me well knows that there are few things I do just because (I even watch TV to help ratings and keep it on air…  Hahah! Okay, I’m joking!!)

Truth is, I struggle with this desire to do it all. I want to help a lot of people, be an amazing blogger, help other amazing bloggers become, well, more amazing and share photos and stories of brands I am passionate about. 

what to wear work out fitness clothes
Top by Onzie. Pants by Emily Hsu Designs

Of course the end result is that everyone around me thinks I do too much. 

They might have a point … I was working on an organizational project for our new TML (The McCord List) Influencer Showroom Loft Tuesday Night (yay!!) and ended up working until I collapsed. #oops 

I am beginning to think there might be some truth to all these celebs checking into hospitals for exhaustion!


The point is, I definitely struggle with turning off the hustle. I always want to improve my techniques and be better and better as a person, supporter, friend, and entrepreneur. 

So, when I started working with Muse to improve my meditation practice I was incredibly excited. One of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne Dyer says that 20 minutes of true meditation is the same as 8 hours of sleep! I knew this could help me slow down my lifestyle.

Of course, my thought path was more like, “Let me plan a party and share this with all my favorite bloggers and influencers!”

So, on Sunday, I had all my top fitness and lifestyle bloggers come out for some yoga and meditation practice on the rooftop of my Influencer Showroom Loft. It was fabulous!

Muse was amazing! They came out to give each lady one-on-one meditation sessions with their headband. It was fabulous!

Do you meditate? 

Here are 7 health benefits why you should use meditation:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Increased immunity
  3. Anti-inflammatory 
  4. Relieves menstrual cramps
  5. Helps us become self and body aware
  6. Helps us be less judge mental
  7. Helps us regulate our attention and mood

We had Teri Andrez lead the yoga class.  

  With hydration brought to us by Hint Water!


I am SO grateful for every lady (and my hubby + Steve Galindo of The Style Guyde) who came out to support. But, especially grateful to Jocelyn of Muse for helping my ladies and I feel so taken care of!!

If you are in Los Angeles and want to attend our parties say Hello(@)TheMcCordList.com. 

If you are a blogger or influencer interested in an invite on The McCord List submit an application here.

If you are just all kinds of fabulous let me know what you think of this post in your comment below!