Hieu’s Top 4 Tips to Owning Your Fabulous & Posing Like a Model

Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to sit down and chat with some of the fabulous women in my network. These trendsetters and tastemakers are ladies with bright futures who wanted to share their advice, tips, and tricks to success with you.


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My fabulous friend, Hieu Cao, who recently graduated with a degree in accounting, describes herself as colorful and quirky. She has a bright personality that matches her KILLER rainbow hair and she’s one to keep an eye on because she’s going to go far, guys!


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Hieu says that the people who start early, whether it’s with blogging or Instagram or really anything, tend to have the most success. She just wishes she had started her Instagram sooner. Her biggest advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to get started NOW and stay with it! Hieu encourages people to keep pushing through the hard times. It’s worth it to follow your dreams!


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The last thing she googled: a formula for one of her math classes
Celebrity crush: G Dragon
Favorite thing to binge-watch: Korean dramas & anime
Favorite junk food: pork skins, spicy Cheetos & Boba tea
Favorite color: every color of the rainbow
Zodiac: Virgo (September 21)


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Hieu’s Top 4 Tips to Owning Your Fabulous & Posing Like a Model:

1. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it will get.

When Hieu first moved to LA, she went to events alone even though it was intimidating, but she says that she’s glad she did because it helped her grow. Plus, she made some awesome friends along the way! Keep in mind that you never know what good can from putting yourself out there, whether it’s a cool job opportunity or a new bestie.

2. Wear whatever you feel like.

The more outrageous your outfits get, the more comfortable you will get with your own creativity and with dressing adventurously. Hieu told me that she believes it’s good for your mental health to do what you want and I totally agree!

3. Relax & have fun!

If you’re trying to find the picture perfect pose, Hieu says it’s important to relax. If you are stressing about how you look or you’re worried about something, it will definitely show in pictures. Luckily, if you’re having fun while you’re in front of the camera, that shows too so keep your energy up! Also, keep moving! It can take a lot of experimenting to find a look you’ll like.

4. Remember that not every single picture you take is going to be awesome.

Don’t worry if you had to take 200 selfies to find one that you love because Hieu says she still takes awkward pictures sometimes too! Hieu says she takes tons of pictures and that it is important to remember that not every shot will be perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself!


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Love you so much! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McCord

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