I recently attended a fabulous Svedka Vodka event at Hyde in West Hollywood.    
My girlfriend, Ali Lasky of Shadow PR hosted/slayed the event! 

I ran into so many besties and had a blast devouring chocolate donuts and Sprite … like a 5 year old (chocolate is my vice). 

Of course it wasn’t long before old feelings of insecurity popped up … Almost daring me to allow them. 

You see, when I first moved to Hollywood when my sister, AnnaLynne, was on a CW show called 90210, I found myself at similar events recognizing similar emotions. 

I used to feel out of place, less than adequate and insignificant.  Now I feel at peace. 

I feel at home. Sure, feelings pop up but I don’t attach my beliefs or feelings to them. They are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. 

I have so many incredible friends in the industry, so much support and love. 

Staying connected with loving friends on deep levels, reminds me that I am at home here in Los Angeles. 

In a town where most people feel obligated to play a role of someone else …

I am most comfortable in my 50 shades of me! 


Sometimes we may feel out of place, insecure, insignificant but the big question to ask ourselves is:

Outside of this present situation, where does my self worth come from?



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Rachel McCord

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