Saks X The McCord List – Do I belong here?

Last night, I was invited to a private event by Saks Fifth Avenue. They were honoring their very own (super talented) stylist, Danielle Seligson.  

Danielle, clearly a woman after my own heart, takes the work out of style by curating her picks for the fabulous, millennial lady at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

  From Chanel clutches
To Ferragamo shoes, Danielle clearly puts her time and heart into her work.  

 Although honored to be invited, I caught myself looking around this GORGEOUS house thinking … 

Umm do I belong here? 

And, you know the struggle is real when you go from humble beginnings in Georgia to private parties in the Hollywood Hills with Saks … 

But, if I didn’t have to ask myself if I’m good enough for all the good in my life … I wouldn’t be living a fabulous life, would I?
So, go do YOU, Girl!  Live life beyond your dreams and when you look around and want to pinch yourself …

Hell, give yourself a pinch. It’s REAL!! 🙂

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Love you long time!

PS – My piggybank wasn’t injured while making this post.  I was gifted prior to posting but I’m sharing it because I curate my list of fabulous things with you. My opinions are too expensive to be bought. 🙂

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  • Awesome, I love private events!!!! Yes you belong boo!! xo

    • [email protected]
    • Jennifer Isaiah
    • 2 years

    Thank you so much babe!!

    • [email protected]
    • Jennifer Isaiah
    • 1 year

    Thank you, beautiful!

    • Anonymous
    • 1 year

    I catch myself questioning if i deserve the good life I have as well. So, i guess its normal huh Rachel?

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