I Feel Like Crap … Now What? 5 Tips in 5 Minutes to feel Fabulous Now!

You have GOT this!! How many times do we get invited to a red carpet, fabulous party, on a date with that guy or girl we feel is completely out of our league or on a photo shoot when we feel completely inadequate or undeserving?

I find myself constantly looking over my shoulder saying…

Are you talking to ME?!

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I am really good at feeling like crap or less than … but when I start watching my dreams come true I start to feel surprised and, sometimes, uncomfortable.

The truth it, we are all such fabulous people. YOU, my love, are SO beautiful beyond words. You deserve all the good you desire.

This life is not a test where you need to prove to everyone around you that you are good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough …

You are already THERE!

So, here are my top 7 tips to help you feel fabulous NOW:

  1. Take 5 minutes alone and just breathe.  Whatever is happening around you can wait. It will probably be there when you return. Give yourself a break … of five minutes to be exact.
  2. LAUGH!  Watch a few videos from Impractical Jokers (like this HILARIOUS one) and you will be laughing your way back into your happy place!
  3. Tell someone how beautiful they look.  You might be surprised how happy it will make you!
  4. Send a text message to someone you haven’t talk to in awhile to tell them how much they mean to you.
  5. Treat yourself to a small treat … a smoothie, crossword puzzle, walk. Something that you love to do.


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So grab that hairbrush and belt out your favorite song …

Hop on that backdrop and show off your beautiful smile …

Launch that blog ….

Go for the dream!!

There is nothing here but beauty and perfection.  You are so loved and fabulous!

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Love you long time!