Top 5 Must Have Beauty Products

You know those days when you are sitting at home doing nothing so you look at your calendar hoping its Throw Back Thursday, so you can post an image when you were doing something cool?

We have all had those days! Fortunately, this was not one of them …

I was booked as a model influencer for a shoot with Keratin Complex. 

It was fabulous!


I was working with two gorgeous ladies, Anna and Nikki, as well as the production team for Made 4 Matte. 


Playing dress up with Abraham, the incredible hair and makeup artist from New York, I learned the Top 5 Things You Need To Have In Your Makeup Bag:

 1. High Definition Pressed Powder.



This is basically Photoshop in a compact! It smooths your face to minimize the visual appearance of pores, to confuse the camera. 

2. Youngblood Eye Illuminating Duo.

This miracle worked can clean up your inner eyelid, while brightening those beautiful eyes of yours!

3.  Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder, in Candlelight. 


This powder is amazing. It blends with any skintone, from the brightest to darkest, to give a natural, dewy look … a look I LOVE!

4. MAC Eyebrow Pencil. 


This little friend gives you the precision you need without the clown (non)appeal when you fill in those gorgeous brows.

5.  Lucas Papaw Ointment. 


Although difficult to find, this stuff repairs lips (that have been through too many photo shoots with heavy lip color) and gives a glossy face … which, although it sounds weird … looks fabulous!

 The finished project … 
Now that we got some work out of the way, let’s have fun with our behind the scenes shots!



Remember, beauty is about how you treat others and what you do for the world!! So go rock your real beauty and have a little fabulous fun along the way!!

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